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The Island and its history

Like many places close to the Sea, Procida was particularly subjected to the storms of History. After the first mycenaean (XVII-XV Century B.C.), greek (VIII-VII Century B.C.) and roman (III-IV Century B.C.) settlements, the Island was for centuries victim of raids by the Goths, Vandals, and later - in the Middle Ages - the Saracenes. The Procidani who remained, retreated to their protected sanctuary of Terra Murata.

Being connected to the Campanian chief town, the destiny and ownership of the Island changed with that of Naples. Under the Normans in XII century, Procida became feudal territory and remained so until 1744. Then followed the Hohenstaufen dynasty, the House of Aragon, the Spanish crown, the Austrian Habsburg and the Bourbon dynasty.

After Italy was united in the XIX Century, Procida entered a golden period based on sea commerce. In 1868, a new harbour was opened and in 1875, a new shipyard. The Nautical Institute acquired an international reputation for its Captains and fine ship building. By 1885, the small island of Procida provided a quarter of the country's Merchant Navy. Still today, Procida is a ‘nation’ of seamen and fishermen.